Pontus Modéer is a political scientist by training with nearly 20 years experience in international development cooperation with special focus on democratic governance, human rights and civil society issues. He specializes in planning, monitoring and evaluation of international development interventions.

As a partner at Rightshouse, Pontus has evaluated and assessed a broad range of development interventions and organizations. He is regularly engaged as an adviser and process leader to assist institutions and organizations on strategic planning matters and on Results Based Management for human rights and governance related project and programmes.

Pontus has worked extensively in Africa, South America and Eastern Europe, and has also carried out assignments in Asia and the Middle East. He previously worked for the Swedish Embassy in Maputo, Sida’s Department of Methodology, Sida’s NGO Division and the development NGO Diakonia. Pontus is a native Swedish speaker and has working knowledge of English, Portuguese and Spanish.


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