Henrik Alffram is a lawyer and sociologist by training with 20 years professional experience centred on human rights, justice and civil society issues in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has worked for nongovernmental human rights organizations, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and at the Faculty of Law at Lund University. As a partner of Rightshouse he has carried out assignments for Swedish and international civil society organizations, academic institutions, bilateral donors, UN agencies and private sector actors.

Henrik specialises in evaluations of international development cooperation initiatives in the field of human rights and governance. At the other end of the process, he is often engaged to assist with policy and strategy development and with project and programme design. He has also extensive experiences of conducting contextual assessments and of human rights research.

Henrik has an in-depth knowledge of international development cooperation policies and priorities, and a significant track record of utilizing a human rights based approach to development. He has often provided training and acted as a mentor on issues of human rights and rule of law and related programme planning, implementation and follow up.

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