We work world wide to assist organizations, institutions and businesses on design, monitoring and evaluation of human rights, justice and governance related strategies and interventions.

Studies and assessments

Rightshouse carries out human rights research and socio-political context assessments. This includes identification of needs, opportunities and challenges for future development interventions. Examples of past assignments are:

- Study on support to access to justice and rule of law in Uganda.

- Assessment of Asian Development Bank’s framework for human rights and a human rights based approach to development.

- Comparative study of the legal frameworks under which NGOs operate in 15 countries in Africa.

- Assessment of experiences of and opportunities for support to civil society organizations in Tanzania working on human rights and accountability.

- Comprehensive organizational assessments for Sida of Médecins Sans Frontières, Islamic Relief, Kvinna till Kvinna, Afrikagrupperna, Hand in Hand Sweden and LO-TCO Council.

Strategy and methology development

Rightshouse assists in developing policies, strategies and methodologies including on human rights based approaches to development and results based management for governance interventions. Among the assignments carried out are:

- Development of a programme monitoring methodology, including a baseline study of civicness and youth voluntarism, for Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Georgia.

- Assistance to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in developing a methodology for following up and developing its gender policy.

- Development for Sida of a Guide to Equal Access to Justice Interventions.

- Preparation of a Human Rights Focused Results Assessment Tool for the Olof Palme International Centre’s development cooperation interventions in areas such as Labour Rights, Political Participation and Gender Equality.

- Support to an initiative to strengthen KVINFO’s, Danmission’s and Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network’s monitoring systems and methodologies in relation to the Danish Arab Partnership Programme.

Training and mentoring

Rightshouse provides training and mentoring services on various human rights issues and on planning, monitoring and evaluation of development interventions. Assignments carried out include:

- Long-term mentoring support to the European Roma Rights Centre in strengthening planning, monitoring and learning processes during the implementation of the organization’s 2014-2017 programme.

- Training on actor-focused Results Based Management for staff and partners of the embassies of Sweden in Albania, Kosovo and Moldova and for the Eurolatin department at Sida Stockholm.

- Training and mentoring support on planning and monitoring methodologies for Church of Sweden staff members implementing the organizations rights based development programme.

- Training and advise to Civil Rights Defenders on the development of an organization-wide planning, monitoring and evaluation system.

- Trainings on participatory law making and development planning for local government officials and civil society actors in Shan State, Myanmar.

Project and programme design

Rightshouse facilitates planning and formulation of development projects and programmes to ensure both effective implementation and learning. Assignments completed include:

- Formulation of a Danida Governance Programme in Tanzania, focusing on human rights, gender equality, access to justice and accountability.

- Facilitation and quality assurance in relation to the development of Fojo Media Institute’s programme document 2015-2016.

- Assistance in the design of a programme to support human rights defenders globally.

- Formulation of a five-year Danish development engagement in Myanmar in the areas of justice and human rights.

- Assistance to the Danish Arab Partnership Programme with, among other things, rights based programming and integration of a human rights based approach to development in logframes and monitoring tools.


Rightshouse specializes in evaluation of human rights related interventions and organizations for purposes of learning or control. Examples of past assignments are:

- Evaluation of Sweden’s support to human rights based civil society organizations in Moldova.

- Evaluation of the Norwegian Human Rights Fund.

- Evaluation of Union to Union.

- Evaluation of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law’s support programme to the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission.

- Evaluation of the the Olof Palme International Center’s approach to partnership.

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